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Maxime Germain

I’m an entrepreneur based in NYC. Currently working on a venture in the mental health space called Human.

I'm a fan of dark chocolate, exploring new places, and the power of technology. I'm also very passionate about wellness and the power of the mind, and have been practicing meditation for the past 8 years. It's these passions that led me to my current project.

My last project was Stellar Base a startup studio and consulting firm hybrid. We worked with Bird, Prehype, LVMH and Cloudkitchens. We built Stellar Formation (and partnered with Fiverr) & KeplerBot.

Some back story

I was born and grew up in Le Mans in France.

I moved to New York when I was 20 to found an art company called Gertrude with Kenneth Schlenker and Astrid De Maismont. We gathered a global, art-collecting community and hosted 200+ events around the world in 2 years.

The three of us then founded ArtList (acq. by artnet), which became the leading online marketplace for private art sales ($100m worth of artwork listed).

In my spare time I've also been known to deconstruct the logic behind social media platforms. While part of the ArtList team, I reversed engineered the Instagram API to build a bot. It got to $5k MRR (read about it on Indiehackers) and took ArtList to 100k followers on Instagram within 8 months.

As much as I love software, I also enjoy designing and building physical objects. I was particularly inspired after reading The Best Interface is No Interface several years ago and built a responsive, no-interface lamp: Mado.